Blogger Obsession: SKINNY HIPSTER

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When you visit Skinny Hipster, it's pretty easy to think that you're blogger, Nifesimi Oluwole's, best friend who will let you peruse in her closet. Maybe we're mistaking "think" with "hope". Either way, there are several reasons you should know about this DMV based blogger. Aside from the fact that her style is impeccable, we found 3 reasons why we're obsessed with Skinny Hipster.

Nife's attention to detail is what keeps us coming back for more. She gets that her reader not only wants to see the outfit but the little things - like a close up of accessories and nail color - that make the outfit. She never disappoints.

There's nothing cooler than a girl who knows what works for her. Every time Nife wears prints, she hits the nail on the head. She's certainly got some Pinterest worthy looks that inspire us to dabble in everything from global prints to stripes!

We think you'll agree with us that the photos on Skinny Hipster are always so crisp, vibrant and inviting. It makes us think that Nifesimi is one of our girls and that she'll lend us anything out of her closet. That's the thing about good blogging. It encourages wishful thinking :)

Be sure to check out Skinny Hipster and follow Nife on Twitter!


  1. She is stunning,she's got an eye for perfect styling. I agree, her blog is like candy. Very colorful and you want to keep going back for more :). Love to see my fellow Nigerians do well. I love your post on her. Well said.

  2. I absolutely ADORE her blog as well. I am pretty addicted as well.

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

  3. I love that printed suit, super cute. I have a new blog to add to my watch list!

    ~Tameka @